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Fixer in Ukraine: how to find and why do you need

A fixer is a crucial part of any journalist’s team, especially when working in foreign countries. Essentially, a fixer is a local assistant who helps reporters navigate the language, customs, and bureaucracy of a foreign country, enabling them to get the story they need.

Fixers have an array of responsibilities, including arranging interviews, translating, finding locations for filming or photography, and ensuring the safety of the reporter and crew. They are also responsible for sourcing information and providing context that only a local could know. In essence, they are the bridge between the reporter and the local community, providing invaluable insight and connections.

Reporters need fixers because they can’t be expected to know everything about the country they are working in. A good fixer can help them avoid cultural misunderstandings, access sources that would otherwise be unreachable, and navigate the complexities of local laws and regulations. They also offer a level of security, both in terms of physical safety and ensuring that the reporter doesn’t accidentally break any local customs or taboos.

If you want to find a fixer in Ukraine, you should know, that in Ukraine, a fixer is essential due to the country’s complex political landscape and language barriers. With russian and Ukrainian both spoken widely, navigating the media landscape can be challenging. A fixer with knowledge of both languages and the local media environment can be the key to accessing the right sources and getting the story right.

Ultimately, a good fixer is someone who has local knowledge, language skills, and a network of contacts that a foreign reporter would never be able to replicate on their own. 

By working together, reporters and fixers can break down cultural barriers and bring important stories to a global audience.

If you need a fixer, please write to us or leave your contacts 

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  1. Hello! I’m reaching out because I’m in need of a fixer for mid August. There will be 3 of us coming to research for a documentary project based around the youth of Ukraine. We will not need to be on the front lines, we mostly will just need someone to help us translate and guide us along the way. Please let me know if this is possible and if anyone is available. We’re looking at the dates of August 16-21, but dates are slightly flexible.
    Please let me know, thank you for your time!

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