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War Tourism in Ukraine: Your Questions Answered

The ongoing war in Ukraine has undoubtedly impacted the nation’s tourism industry. Yet, with resilience, Ukraine is finding ways to share its story through carefully curated tours. Here at War Tours Ukraine, we aim to address your concerns and answer frequently asked questions:

How does the war in Ukraine affect tourism?

The war has significantly impacted areas close to the active frontline. However, much of Western and Central Ukraine remain relatively safe and welcoming to tourists.

Is tourism to Ukraine open?

Yes, tourism is open in regions far from active fighting. Cities like Lviv, Chernivtsi, and the Carpathian Mountains are popular destinations. Kyiv, while scarred by the war, is also open to visitors.

Is it safe to travel to Ukraine in 2024?

Safety in Ukraine depends on the region you visit. Travel to areas with active fighting is strictly prohibited. We recommend sticking to verified tours run by reputable companies that prioritize safety.

Is it safe to travel to Ukraine right now?

Similar to the previous answer, safety depends on location. Kyiv, for example, has seen a significant decrease in hostilities compared to earlier stages of the war. However, staying informed about the latest developments and following safety guidelines is crucial.

Can I visit Kyiv?

Yes, Kyiv is open to tourists. The city displays the scars of war, but its spirit remains unbroken. War Tours Ukraine offers tours that explore the war’s impact on Kyiv alongside its enduring historical sites.

Is Kyiv safe in 2024?

Kyiv is much safer than during the initial phases of the war. However, the situation can be fluid. We recommend checking travel advisories from your home country and staying vigilant while in Kyiv.

Considering a visit to Ukraine?

War tourism offers a chance to witness the human cost of war and the resilience of the Ukrainian people. If you choose to visit, responsible tourism is key. Choose tours run by ethical companies that prioritize safety and give back to affected communities.

Ready to learn more?

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