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Military Tours Ukraine

Now the whole world knows about Ukraine war. The world must see the evidence of russian aggression with its own eyes. Also many people who support Ukraine want to see everything directly, that’s why people look for military mours in Ukraine. What will you see if you visit Ukraine in 2023? 

During a visit to Kyiv and the region, you can to see the terrible consequences of the war and to understand the greatness of Ukrainian defenders.

One of the most known places – Irpin – a small town near Kyiv, which was occupied on February 27 and liberated on March 28. For a month, the city was under fire every day, and the locals were killed, abused and looted by the occupiers.

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Car cemetery in Irpin

You can start your military tour in Irpin city. In April, a location appeared in Irpen where several hundred burned and mutilated cars were taken. Those that somehow survived are arranged in rows, and those that were destroyed are piled up. Residents found their cars every time. Due to its large size, this place was nicknamed the car cemetery. You must see this location during your visit to Ukraine in 2023.

Destroyed buildings in Irpin

Then you can continue your war tour in Ukraine with the next location. The war deprived 16,000 residents of Irpen, and the homes of 60,600 citizens were significantly damaged. The city has turned into almost a continuous location of ruins.

A total of 119 high-rise buildings and 1,483 private houses were completely destroyed in Irpen between February and March 2022, but the city continues to live despite everything. Locals rebuild houses with their own funds wherever possible. Foreign reporters and high-ranking officials visit Irpin and other cities of the Kyiv region, documenting the crimes of the Russian invasion.

The destroyed bridge in Irpin

Next location during the war tour might be the bridge over the Irpin River that was blown up on February 25 by the Ukrainian military in order to prevent the advance of the Russian army on Kyiv. Subsequently, this crossing served as a lifeline for the residents of Kyiv region, where fierce battles were fought.

The destroyed bridge became a shelter from Russian airstrikes and artillery.

Irpinski Lipky, Gostomel

The next point of the military tour in Ukraine Gostomel highway No. 12 is the location most visited by foreign delegations after liberation from the occupiers. On March 2, Irpin met the morning with an airstrike from Russian Su-25s. Two rockets hit a residential building, which started the destruction of the city.

The “Irpinski Lypky” complex and neighboring buildings suffered significant damage due to Russian shelling during the battles for the city. The ruined quarter is a symbol of barbaric aggression against a peaceful city. Later, the location was named the ruins of the Gostomel highway.

The buildings mutilated by the Russians served as scenery in the filming of the music video for the song by the band “Kalush Orchestra” and “Stefania”, which brought Ukraine victory in Eurovision 2022.

Bucha, a street with broken russian equipment

The next war tour point in Ukraine will be a street with broken russian equipment. It was here that the Ukrainian military destroyed a column of enemy vehicles. A little later, after the liberation from the occupiers and demining, the street in Buchi was cleared of rubble and debris.

Vokzalna Street, previously littered with burned Russian equipment, is now clean, but still serves as a reminder of those terrible events and a symbol of Ukrainian indomitability.

“The Banksy Route”

During a military and wour tour in Ukraine  you must visit several locations in the Kyiv region where a street art artist has created graffiti on the walls of damaged buildings. Each drawing tells a story related to how the war affected the lives of people who will never return to their homes.

The first point of the route was the house on the street. Sadova, in Gorenka, 30 km from the city center. From the first days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the village was under shelling, and almost 801 TP3T of the village were destroyed. On the wall of the house, Banksy depicted a man calmly taking a bath. On March 7, a Russian aerial bomb hit here.

Next you can see an image of a woman in Gostomel’s house near the Antonov airfield. The war came upon her suddenly, as evidenced by her dressing gown and curlers, but the Ukrainian woman put on a gas mask and is trying to put out the fire in her home. The chair from which Banksy painted serves as a support for the woman. He sways, but stands, and all around him there are ruins.

The following graffiti illustrate the balancing act of Ukrainian citizens in the war. The gymnast, hardy and graceful, with a bandage on her neck and an indomitable spirit, settled in one of the residential buildings on the Gostomel highway. There are no more people here, only traces of fires and shells.

Foreign media come to Kyiv region, each time discovering new crimes and consequences of the “Russian peace”, and the WarTours in Ukraine project team helps guests of the city in finding locations, organizing the collection and filming of materials. The world needs to know the truth.

Today, transports of people who tried to escape the war continue to be brought here. Most have preserved evidence of russian aggression in the form of traces of debris and bullets.

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