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Bakhmut: how city defends

Bakhmut, a city located in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, continues to be a key battleground in the ongoing conflict with Russia. In 2023, the city once again came under attack by Russian forces, but the people of Bakhmut stood their ground and defended their homes and community.

According to reports from aviation historian Tom Cooper’s blog, the situation in Bakhmut was dire. Russian forces had made significant gains in the surrounding areas and were preparing to launch a major assault on the city. 

Local volunteers, including members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, worked tirelessly to fortify the city’s defenses. They dug trenches, set up barricades, and established defensive positions throughout the city. The defenders of Bakhmut were determined to hold their ground and protect their homes and families from the invading army.

The russian forces launched a massive assault on Bakhmut, with heavy artillery and air support. Ukrainian Armed Forces launches counterattacks and inflicting significant losses on the invading army. 

The Ukrainian Air Force also played a critical role in the defense of Bakhmut, providing close air support to the defenders and striking Russian positions with precision-guided munitions.

Despite the overwhelming firepower and military superiority of the Russian forces, the defenders of Bakhmut held their ground and fought back with courage and determination. They successfully continue to repell the russian assaults and make heavy losses on the invading army.