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Exploring Kyiv War Tour: What You See With a Tour Guide in Ukraine

Visiting a war zone is far from a typical tourism experience. For those brave enough to embark on a military tour in Ukraine, it’s a journey into the heart of a nation fighting for its freedom. Our guides, many of whom are internally displaced persons, provide a deeply personal perspective on the conflict. Here’s what you can expect during your visit.

What to Expect on a Military Tour

1. Thematic Exhibitions

Your tour will include visits to several thematic exhibitions. These exhibits provide a comprehensive overview of the war, showcasing artifacts and stories that illustrate the ongoing struggle. Guided by someone who has experienced the conflict firsthand, these exhibitions offer a unique and authentic insight into the realities of war.

2. Relics of the Conflict

You’ll see the clothing and trophies left behind by Russian forces in the Kyiv region. These relics serve as tangible reminders of the enemy and the fierce battles fought to protect Ukraine. Among these are pieces of uniforms, personal items, and military gear abandoned in haste.

3. Rockets and Drones

One of the most sobering aspects of the tour is viewing the rockets that have been used to bombard Ukraine. You’ll also learn about the drones employed by both sides. This part of the tour provides a stark reminder of the modern warfare tactics and the relentless nature of the conflict.

4. Bayraktar and Anti-Tank Weapons

The tour features an original model of the Bayraktar drone, a symbol of technological prowess in the war. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to hold Javelin and NLAW missile launchers, which have played crucial roles in defending Ukrainian territory.


A military tour in Ukraine is not just about witnessing the aftermath of war; it’s about understanding the human stories behind the headlines. Our guides, with their firsthand experiences as internally displaced persons, bring these stories to life, offering a powerful and moving perspective on the resilience and courage of the Ukrainian people. This tour is an educational journey, a tribute to those who continue to fight, and a call to the world to bear witness to the struggle for freedom.