We will show you the traces of the war, and we will donate the received funds to the Ukrainian army

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Military Tourism

WAR TOURS in Ukraine: evidence of russian aggression with your own eyes

We want to show the world why it is so important to support Ukraine. We want to show what war really is in the modern world.

We will show unbreakable Ukrainian cities: Kyiv, Irpin and Bucha

What you will see

damaged and destroyed houses, destroyed enemy military equipment, remnants of missiles and weapons

We will use the received funds to help the army

What we offer

1-day individual tour

with the opportunity to visit the cities of Irpin and Bucha
  • Let's examine the destroyed military equipment: tanks, artillery, missiles
  • We will show the consequences of missile strikes
  • We will visit the cemetery of destroyed cars in Irpen
  • We will talk to witnesses of Russian crimes
  • We will visit various locations related to the war
  • A certified guide will tell you everything you need to know about the war
  • We will provide insurance and safe transportation to locations


+38 098 420 92 47 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)

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